Using Predictive Algorithms to Track Real Time Health Trends

Create a real time health dashboard with predictive algorithmsWe’ve shown how to use predictive algorithms to track economic development. In this tutorial, we’re going to build a real-time health dashboard for tracking a person’s blood pressure readings, do time series analysis, and then graph the trends over time using predictive algorithms. This tutorial is the starting point for creating your own personal health dashboard using time series algorithms and predictive APIs. Read More…

Machine Learning Datasets For Data Scientists

Datasets for Machine Learning and Data Scientists Finding a good machine learning dataset is often the biggest hurdle a developer has to cross before starting any data science project. Whether you’re new to machine learning, or a professional data scientist, finding a good machine learning dataset is the key to extracting actionable insights. We’ve compiled 11 of our favorite publicly available datasets below.  Read More…

An NLP Approach to Analyzing Twitter, Trump, and Profanity

Analyzing Twitter for Profanity

Who swears more? Do Twitter users who mention Donald Trump swear more than those who mention Hillary Clinton? Let’s find out by taking a natural language processing approach (or, NLP for short) to analyzing tweets.

This walkthrough will provide a basic introduction to help developers of all background and abilities get started with the NLP microservices available on Algorithmia. We’ll show you how to chain them together to perform light analysis on unstructured text. Unfamiliar with NLP? Our gentle introduction to NLP will help you get started.

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