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Incorporating Datasets from in your Algorithms

We are happy to share a new set of algorithms from our partner  If you aren’t familiar with, they have an amazing marketplace of datasets available covering the wide spectrum of what’s available.  I can’t think of a better pairing for the datasets than with the many algorithms available in the directory! Read More…

New Markdown-Based Algorithm Descriptions Shipped

Great algorithm descriptions really help developers to understand your algorithms, and help them become successful quickly.  Today, we’re happy to announce that we’ve shipped several improvements aimed at helping you write great descriptions, with ready-to-edit sections aimed at helping developers quickly comprehend your algorithm’s purpose and usage.


Algorithm descriptions are based on Markdown and we’ve now shipped a Markdown editor that will let you easily edit your descriptions.  The editor is based on CommonMark standard and also includes support for GFM tables.

New Markdown Editor for Algorithm Descriptions

New Markdown Editor for Algorithm Descriptions

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