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Integrating Algorithmia with Apache Spark

Intro Slide Algorithmia and Spark

A couple of weeks ago we gave a talk at the Seattle Spark Meetup about bringing together the flexibility of Algorithmia’s deep learning algorithms and Spark’s robust data processing platform. We highlighted the strengths of both platforms and covered a basic introduction on how to integrate Algorithmia with Spark’s Streaming API. In this talk you’ll see how we went from use case idea to implementation in only a few lines of code. Read More…

Video Processing of Traffic Videos

bus stop

Last week we wrote an algorithm spotlight about a video processing algorithm called Video Metadata Extraction. This week, we are pairing it up with a really cool microservice from an Algorithmia user called Car Make and Model Recognition that detects a car’s make and model from an image. This algorithm is currently in beta, but we’ve tested it out on a bunch of images and it works really well. We thought that it might be fun to take a traffic video and find the unique brands of cars that pass by a bus stop.

Before we released the Video Metadata Extraction algorithm you would have had to use the Split Video By Frames algorithm and then pass each image frame’s path to the Car Make and Model algorithm.

Now, using the Video Metadata Extraction algorithm you can do the same thing in just a few lines of code. Read More…

Create a Custom Color Scheme From Your Favorite Website

Pink hair woman

In a recent Algorithm Spotlight post we introduced the Color Scheme Extraction algorithm which retrieves the top 15 colors that best approximates the color scheme of an image.

The Color Scheme Extraction algorithm is a great way to retrieve the colors of an image quickly with a serverless API call in a few lines of code using the programming language of your choice.

This recipe allows you to pipe in several images, including ones that are a montage of other images in order to get a personalized color scheme. Read More…