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Google Sheets + AI

Use Algorithmia within Google Sheets

Google Sheets is a collaborative, extensible online spreadsheet tool used by students and executives around the world. With the explosion of Artificial Intelligence, you might ask yourself:

“How can I get the benefits of AI in my spreadsheet?”

In this article, we’ll introduce you to Algorithmia’s Google Sheet Add-on that enables you to add algorithms running on Algorithmia’s cloud infrastructure that can act directly on your own data in your Google Sheet.

Algorithmia offers a GPU cloud for hosting AI algorithms. Developers can create and host sophisticated AI functions and learning models that can do machine learning tasks like visual recognition, sentiment analysis, natural language summaries as well as handy utilities like validating email addresses, extracting URLs or snail mail addresses from a website.

Typically, a developer calls these functions via their software code, but with the Google Sheets add-on we can integrate these powerful abilities directly into the business tools we use every day. Let’s see how this works! Read More…

Training with Weights: Machine Learning at the Gym

Today we’re excited to feature a guest post by entrepreneur/engineer Nick Rose. When overcrowding at his gym became a problem, he dove into machine learning to find a solution. This is a great tale of using ML to solve real-world problems, tackling the challenges of learning without an immediate tutor, and crowdsourcing for help. Read More…

Google Sheets + Algorithmia = Machine Learning Spreadsheets

Spreadsheets are an amazing tool. Whether you cut your teeth on Lotus 1-2-3, grew up with Excel, or hopped straight into the Google Docs universe, spreadsheets have been a key tool for everything from planning your personal finances to mulling over your KPIs.

But, have you ever used a spreadsheet to extract sentiment from your users’ tweets? To perform advanced outlier detection after detrending your sales numbers? Probably not, because most spreadsheet tools didn’t have the power of machine learning baked right in. Until now… Read More…

How to Solve FizzBuzz Using Machine Learning and Scikit-Learn

Using machine learning to solve FizzBuzzThis is a guest post by Daniël Heres, a software engineer & Computing Science student. Want to contribute your own how-to post? Let us know.

FizzBuzz is a programming exercise some interviewers use to test a developer’s skills. To solve FizzBuzz, count from 1 to 100 and replace numbers divisible by 3 with “fizz”, and numbers divisible by 5 with “buzz.” For numbers divisible by both 3 and 5, we replace them with “fizzbuzz”.

Sounds straight-forward, right?

Instead of programming a bunch of if statements and checking whether each number can be divided by 3 or 5, we’re going to use machine learning. In this tutorial I’ll show you how can create your own AI FizzBuzz model, and host it on Algorithmia. Try the final result here. Read More…