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Bringing AI to your Workflow without Code: Stamplay adds Algorithmia

Automatically follow every Twitter user who speaks well of your product. Monitor Stripe purchases and pre-order products to meet expected demand. Reblog every cute kitten photo sent to your GMail.

What would you do if you could connect any service in the world with any other service, and harness artificial intelligence to drive their interaction?

Connect any API with Stamplay

Stamplay can monitor and interact with hundreds of third-party services, providing an intuitive interface for and building complex workflows (with loops, conditionals, and fault-tolerance) without ever writing a line of code — unless you want to. Algorithmia provides over 4,000 (and growing) microservices ranging from simple computational utilities to advanced deep-learning tools. In combination, these allow you automate business and personal processes with the power of AI.

Let’s explore one simple example for you to build on: this step-by-step tutorial will show you how to monitor Intercom chats, detect unhappy customer interactions, and escalate them to your Slack channel for immediate followup. Read More…