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Issue 30
This week we check out the
the government’s open source projects, how Google DeepMind is learning to play StarCraft II, and what CMU is doing to improve the ethics of artificial intelligence.

Plus, our top projects to try at home, and our favorite articles from the past week.

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The Cyber 🌐

The White House launched, a repository of federal open source projects.

The goal is to improve access to the government’s custom-developed software, like the We the People app, the White House Facebook chatbot, and

The site currently has 50 repos from 10 federal agencies. Get the project Repo here.

The Google vs. The Zerg 🕹

Google’s DeepMind and Blizzard are working together to open up StarCraft II to AI and machine learning researchers.

The goal is to test DeepMind and see if it can learn to play the complex real-time strategy game. The game will also be modified so researchers can build artificial intelligence systems for the purpose of learning to play StarCraft 2.

Related, Facebook released TorchCraft, a library for machine learning researchers working on real-time strategy games.

Why? Games are a perfect environment to develop and test smarter, more flexible AI algorithms, because they provide instant feedback through scores.

AI Ethics. ⚡️

Carnegie Mellon is set to open a research center focused on the ethics of artificial intelligence after receiving a $10 million endowment. The funds will be used for undergraduate students and to host a biennial conference on AI ethics.

The IEEE recently launched an initiative to examine ethical considerations in the design of autonomous systems.

These initiatives echo the Obama administration’s new report on the future of AI, which puts a strong emphasis on ethics.

What We’re Reading 📚

Try This At Home 🛠

Man hacks Alexa into singing fish robot, terror ensues

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