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How to Rotate Images in Python Using a Horizon Detection Algorithm

Rotate an image and level it using an algorithmWhen we look at an image, it’s fairly easy to detect the horizon line.

For computers, this task is somewhat more difficult: they need to understand the basic structure of the image, locate edges which might indicate a horizon, and pare out the edges which do not matter. Fortunately, Algorithmia boils this all down to a single API call: just send your image to deep horizon, an algorithm for horizon detection, and it tells you where the horizon line is.
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Build Your Own Language Detection Microservice

Identifying languages in textIf you read our recent post on language detection, you already know how easy it is to use Algorithmia’s services to identify which language a given piece of text is written in.

Now let’s put that into action to perform a specific task: organizing documents into language-specific folders.

We’ll build our language detection microservice using Algorithmia’s language identification algorithm. Then, we’ll look through all the .txt and .docx files in a directory to see which language each one is written in.
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