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Build Your Own Language Detection Microservice

Identifying languages in textIf you read our recent post on language detection, you already know how easy it is to use Algorithmia’s services to identify which language a given piece of text is written in.

Now let’s put that into action to perform a specific task: organizing documents into language-specific folders.

We’ll build our language detection microservice using Algorithmia’s language identification algorithm. Then, we’ll look through all the .txt and .docx files in a directory to see which language each one is written in.
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Introduction to Language Identification

Identifying the language of text programmatically
Quick, what languages are these two sentences written in:

“Hey bana bir sorununuz olur mu?”

What about this one?

“Halló ég er með vandamál getur þú hjálpað mér?”

Not easy, right?

Figuring out a document’s source language is an essential first step for many cross-language tools and that’s why we’ve implemented a Language Identification algorithm. Read More…