How to Add Sentiment Analysis to Your Project in Five Lines of Code

An API for Sentiment Analysis Sentiment analysis is the process of identifying the underlying opinion or subjectivity of a given text. It generally categorizes these opinions on a scale from negative to positive. Some sentiment analysis algorithms include the neutral sentiment, too.

These sentiments scores are generally used to identify the level of satisfaction of a given product or service. This helps companies and organizations better understand their users, and make impactful changes to their products.

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An Emotion Recognition API for Analyzing Facial Expressions

Using Emotion Recognition AlgorithmsReading emotional expression is one of the most difficult tasks for humans, let alone computers. Two people looking at the same photo might not agree whether someone is grimacing or grinning. Until recently, computers weren’t much better at the job, either.

Fortunately advances in deep learning has brought us speed, efficiency and accuracy in detecting people’s emotions in photos.

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Emergent // Future: AMD Takes On NVIDIA, Recapping NIPS, and More

Emergent Future NIPS NVIDIA and AMDIssue 34
This week we look at
AMD’s effort to take on NVIDIA in the high performance computing space, recap what happened at NIPS2016, and highlight the best things to read that explore technology through the lens of artificial intelligence, data science, and the shape of things to come.

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