Emergent // Future Weekly: Preparing for Our AI Future, Smarter Smartphones, Self-Driving Cars

The future of artificial intelligenceIssue 27
We’re back after a week off the grid. This week we look at how Obama is
preparing for the future of AI, how AI assistants are adding the “smart” to smartphones, check in on self-driving cars and other emergent transportation tech, and we take a mulligan on Notes from the Frontier this week — Sorry!

And, per usual, our top projects to try at home, and favorite articles from the past week are down at the bottom.  Read More…

Use Smart Thumbnail to Perfectly Crop Images Programmatically

Image Cropping API
It’s not easy to dynamically scale and crop images of different sizes or aspect ratios. Typically, this is resolved in one of two ways: manipulate images by hand (slow, high quality, expensive), or indiscriminately crop-to-fit from the middle-out (fast, low quality, cheap). Read More…

September 2016 Newsletter: Need Some AI? Yeah, There’s a Marketplace for That

We’re excited to share that WIRED featured Algorithmia in an article earlier this month that looked at our efforts to democratize access to AI.

📝 From the Blog
This month we show you how to build a Slack chatbot to analyze the sentiment of a channel, create a tool that finds broken links, learn how to solve FizzBuzz using machine learning, and the easiest way to crawl and scrape every page from a domain. Read More…

How to Solve FizzBuzz Using Machine Learning and Scikit-Learn

Using machine learning to solve FizzBuzzThis is a guest post by Daniël Heres, a software engineer & Computing Science student. Want to contribute your own how-to post? Let us know.

FizzBuzz is a programming exercise some interviewers use to test a developer’s skills. To solve FizzBuzz, count from 1 to 100 and replace numbers divisible by 3 with “fizz”, and numbers divisible by 5 with “buzz.” For numbers divisible by both 3 and 5, we replace them with “fizzbuzz”.

Sounds straight-forward, right?

Instead of programming a bunch of if statements and checking whether each number can be divided by 3 or 5, we’re going to use machine learning. In this tutorial I’ll show you how can create your own AI FizzBuzz model, and host it on Algorithmia. Try the final result here. Read More…